Leandro Ryuchi Iuamoto
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Medical Doctor graduated at University of São Paulo Medical School (FMUSP) - (2011-2016), Medical Resident in Rehabilitation at Clinics Hospital of University of São Paulo Medical School - with research experience in Physical and Rehablilitation Medicine, Muscleskeleptikal Ultrasonography, Thoracic Surgery, Gastroenterological Surgery, General Surgery, Surgical Technique and Experimental Surgery, Acupuncture, Pain Management and Medical Education. He was laureate by TOYP Award (The Outstanding Young Persons of the World - Brazil) in categories Leadership and Academic Success.
He was co-founder and first president of the Brazilian Association of Academic Leagues of Surgery (ABLAC), President of the Brazilian Association of Academic Leagues of Medicine (ABLAM) a body of student representation within the Brazilian Association of Medicine (AMB). Leandro also took part in publication of the book "Manual Acadêmico de Cirurgia Cardiovascular" (Academic Manual of Cardiovascular Surgery), in partnership with the SBCCV and "Manual Básico de Procedimentos Médicos Hospitalares - FMUSP".
During medical school, Leandro took part in Scientific Department (Director in 2012, President in 2013), Student's Union (collaborator 2011/2012), Academic Medical Extension (Director in 2012, President in 2013). He took part in research activities related to surgery, acupuncture, pain treatment, microbiology and medical education. Also organized more than 40 scientific events, Musical and Medical Events.
Partner at MedTime Enterprise with Health Application Software Experience and Follow Up Parkinson. He concluded the Interpersonal Skills Course at Dale Carnegie Training (2015), NIH 1st Certification, TEAM Certification and GWU-Entrepreneur Program (2016). He is currently Junior Editor at the Brazilian Medical Association Journal (RAMB). Leandro was Co-founder and Director of International Relations of the Nikkei Medical Association (AMN).