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Name : Issam Hamdi
Date of Birth : jun-1959
Nationality : Syrian
Sex : Male
Marital Status: Married
Children : Two Boys, Birth 2001 & 2005
Telephone : 00963 -11- 4524726
Cell Phone : 00963 - 944546371
Email :
Address : P.O.BOX 25644 Damascus, Syria


Two years diploma of Assistant Agricultural engineer from High education Agricultural institute, Damascus University, Syria

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maintenance - Hardware - Software -
● Professional inventor, 14 patents registered in Syria and 4 patents registered in the United Kingdom.
● In addition, I requested to register 24 patents in Syria. More than one hundred patents project ready.
● Author of "scientific philosophy predict" registered in Syria NO: 1955, Published on the Internet for free for the public interest.
● Author of "innovation and invention systems" registered in the intellectual property protection in Syria NO: 2278
● An Arab expert accredited by the Arab quality makers (AQM)

Certifications and Experiences
● I have been received golden medal for the two devices from IENA Exhibition of Inventions "Germany Nuremberg" in 2009 for two devices for the disabled& And a silver medal in the solar energy.
● I have been received "genius medal" from Inventors Association in Hungary in 2009, "golden medal" of the Union of inventors Yemenis 2010, two gold medals of the Exhibition of Inventions in Syria in 2011 &2014, five silver medals from inventions exhibition in Syria and five Bronze medals from inventions exhibition in Kuwait in 2007 and 2008.
● Add to a number of appreciation and participation certifications in exhibitions, intellectual seminars, scientific and intellectual property certificates.
● Participated in the contest finals, "Made in the Arab World" under the auspices of the Arab League in 2007, and only my invention, which put on the contest brochure 2008
● Competition management course, Made in Syria, Egypt, Cairo 2008. This is Syrian stage of the competition, made in the Arab world under the auspices of the Arab League, the Arab Association for Science and Technology and the Arab Association for Industry and Mining.
● Management course of NGOs under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the United Nations Development Program.
● Certified in Selling and marketing of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property Protection program.
● I have been received Bronze medal, Czech Republic - Invent Arena Exhibition 2016, Developer chair a special patients quadriplegia
● Communication skills course 2017 with an institution for you Syria

Secretary of the Syria, Damascus branch of the inventors Society 2002
A member of the board of directors of Syrian Inventors Association since 2004,
Vice Chairman of the Board in the Syrian Inventors Association 2005 - 2010, then secretary of the Syrian Inventors Association 2010 – now.
Director of technical and information development in the Assembly, Syrian Inventors Association 2005 – 2009.
President of the Syrian Team which participated in the contest "Made in the Arab World" 2007.
President of the Syrian Team to the Middle East, inventions exhibition in Kuwait in 2007.
President of the Syrian Team in the Middle East, the second inventions exhibition in Kuwait and Associate 2008
ISO 2009 session with the Arabs quality makers. Damascus, Syria.
A Member of the editorial magazine “world of invention and technology” 2007 –till now
Secretary of the National Association of “the invention and scientific research” publicized in 2012
Secretary of the support of “the Federation of Syrian exporters invention” 2014 -2015.
Coach invention courses since 2011 in the number of secondary school in Damascus, Which graduate dozens of inventors’ students.

Innovation and invention in science, education, social activities, private associations.
MY Invention :
British Patents: British Patent Office.
1- Building-integratged solar energy panels .
Patent NO: GB0819419.3 03 December 2008(Journal 6237)…
It holds a silver medal from IENA Nuremberg Exhibition 2009

2- Dual panels solar energy heating system
Patent NO: GB1119349.7 21 December 2011(Journal 6396)…

3- In-place solar irrigation system
Patent NO: GB0903677.3 15 April 2009(Journal 6256)…

4- Portable incubator for premature babies ,patent NO GB1423264.9 11 February 2015 Journal 6560…

5- Hot air energy saving portable bed warmer ,Patent No: GB1606050.1 , 25 May 2016 (Journal 6627)…

Syrian Patents:
Site of the Directorate of intellectual property protection in Syria link,
Syrian Patent Office.

1- Patent No. 4940
Purification of exhaust gases from soot device

2- Patent No. 5007
Profile ventilation for the bed and seats device

3- Patent No. 5011
Arm holder for industrial equipment

4- Patent No. 5012
Pot cooking homogeneous heat

5- Patent No. 5025
Simple Settlement Body

6- Patent No. 5029
A stretcher isolated

7- Patent No. 5035
A separator for fuel and electricity to protect the mechanisms of combustion

8- Patent No. 5156
Device determines the length of tooth

9- Patent No. 5364
A computer controlled by the hands or feet

10- Patent No. 5431
Computer table

11- Patent No. 5500
Extra features of the computer table

12- Patent No.5954
Kids portable incubator: used in clinics and medical centers in remote areas of child custody temporarily until being transferred to a nearby hospital also can be used and always made from plastics and folding., Won the silver medal at the first national contest of the invention in 2014. ,(( Registration number of deposit:0061)).
13- Simple Wheelchair Chair, a new chair design for the Wheelchair is more comfortable and cheaper than any Wheelchair for the disabled

Applications invention deposited:
1- Violent scene: a system of squares solves the problem of congestion squares without traffic signals,(( Registration number of deposit:5727)).
2- Mosquito electric burner. ,(( Registration number of deposit:5730)).
3- Device drivers sleep and forgetfulness and professions-like. ,(( Registration number of deposit:5748)).
4- A supporting device for welding Electricity: mainly used for oil and gas pipelines. ,(( Registration number of deposit:5797)).
5- Optical control device to the computer remotely. ,(( Registration number of deposit:6479)).
6- Automated irrigation device signal warnings. ,(( Registration number of deposit:0104)).
7- Portable irrigation plates. ,(( Registration number of deposit:5975)).
8- Multi-tasking control device for patients with quadriplegia, won the bronze medal from Kuwait Exhibition of Inventions in 2007 and a gold medal from IENA Expo 2009 in Germany and a gold medal from the Federation of Yemeni inventors in 2010 and the gold medal in the 2011 exhibition valiant . ,(( Registration number of deposit:7951)).
9- Transmission disabled drawers with His chair, won the invention exhibition in Damascus in 2009. ,(( Registration number of deposit:7411)).
10- Umbrella mechanism for emergency vehicles ((provided a gift to the State of Kuwait through inventions Middle East Exhibition 2008)).
11- Cooling ordinary computer networks and mobile device holds a silver medal in the 2011 exhibition brave. ,(( Registration number of deposit:8467)).
12- Medical incubator removable: to isolate the infected patient and service are subject to disease transmission or fear of him getting hurt infection such as burns. ,(( Registration number of deposit : 0071)).
13- Water tank solar heating self,(( Registration number of deposit: 0027)).
14- Automator ordinary book, Ordinary book turned into an electronic book related to the computer. ,(( Registration number of deposit: 13110097)).
15- Water heating tank mixed self-powered. ,(( Registration number of deposit:0049)).
16- . Portable bread oven: Designed specifically for supplying remote areas or destroyed or camps bread, production begins within hours of arriving and provider of water desalination and electricity generation system and works on several types of fuel as available, won the gold medal in the first national contest of the invention in 2014. ,(( Registration number of deposit:0055)).
17- Developer chair a special patients quadriplegia ((Registration number of deposit: 2015120182))
18- Simple chair disabled quadriplegia ((Registration number of deposit: 2015120184))
19- Development of heating and lighting using solar reflection ((Registration number of deposit: 2017050040))
20- Heating panels for solar buildings, and generating electricity.
21- Recycling of rubble in construction "Construction in a manner of beehives" a new innovative way to use rubble and demolition in reconstruction, registered in Syria No. (2017070075).
22- A device that supports the work of the hand ventilator for children: It is a simple device helps the mother or supervisor of the child in the operation of the hand dryer to operate by hand or foot or electricity when the worker tired, participating in the exhibition Basil XVIII.
23- Illuminated Three Dimensional Mouth Mirror: Three dimensional mouth mirror is composed of two flat orthogonal mirrors , this device enables us to see three surfaces of the body at the same time .
This tool could help the dentist or dental hygienist to reduce the unnecessary movements during the dental procedures , because it helps retracting the tongue and cheeks with no need to move body or the tool . it also facilitates the practitioner work in preparing the tooth to receive crown or bridge , because it shows the entire finishing line . it gives the Endodontist a three dimensional view on the canals orifices .

Theories and literature:
1- The philosophy of scientific prediction:
Registered in the protection of intellectual property in Syria No:1599
A new way of scientific thinking, It provides the researcher or the scholar time and effort , Fit the information age , Science unite all manner one study.
2- Innovation and invention systems:
Registered in the protection of intellectual property in Syria No :2361
Platform for innovation education for all age levels, Developer of the most important systems for education innovation, In addition to him more than 30% of new innovation from my experience points.

Syria - Damascus Tel +963 11 4524726
MOB 00963944546371
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