John Russell Eubank
United States
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John R. Eubank is the inventor of a business process patent designed to update and embed critical content (everything emergency) into the memory of all electronic devices, providing uninterrupted access in the event of a disruption in service. Geocoded and auto-uploaded critical content, i.e. locations of, and directions to shelters, hospitals, evacuation routes, and more, with a notification designed to instill confidence knowing you’ll have what you need when you need it most. Issued in US, and protected globally in 86 countries via the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). John is the Inventor and Chairman of Lifesaving Advice, LLC., and the dba: Fit4Emergency: body, mind, heart, and soul.
Simutaniously, John has developed a national campaign for substance abuse prevention titled, with a supporting mobile application: DrugFreeWirelessly™. This program, also patent protected with a filed application, supports the efforts of parents with their children, teachers and their students, employers with their employees.

Prior to these two efforts, John developed, a consumer education channel related to stem cell technology and FreeFlexRx, an injury prevention program designed for business and industry to increase employee’s awareness of body alignment, positioning and movement. In a joint venture with Nike, John became the managing partner of a chain of physician supported back rehabilitation clinics titled Back in Action. He also developed a national occupational injury prevention-training program called Athletes in Industry, which licensed prevention programs to healthcare providers throughout the United States. John also founded, and was Chairman of Affinity Place, Inc., providing online training solutions for the workplace. John also participated in the development and opening operations of the San Francisco Spine Institute. John worked with the western regional Director of the DEA to develop and implement a drug-free workplace-training program called Drug Prevention Strategies, in support of the 1988 Omnibus Drug Law and ‘89 Safe and Drug Free Schools Amendment Act. He personally trained in excess of 5,900 supervisors in over 600 companies in drug-free workplace performance management and drug crisis intervention skills. John also developed a program for students titled STEPOnline (Students, Teachers, Employers and Parents) in partnership with USA Today Education, Partners for a Drug Free America, DEA, CADC and the National Guard.
John attended the University of Oregon on a football scholarship, graduating with a degree in business management and marketing and subsequently developed a comprehensive athletic facilities and lifestyle living along the banks of the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon. Raising three sons, Scott, Stuart and Steven J, John was very much involved in their youth sports endeavors and went on to develop, package and copyright a youth sports first aid and injury reference guide titled YouthSportsRx, in conjunction with a coach’s certification training, initially sponsored and distributed by Reebok. Twenty-five years later it's revealed as being the genesis for what has now become