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Electronic Engineering, BME MSC , Candidate for BME PHD, EMBA. It has focused on the R&D of assistive technologies to improve the quality of life of the disabled people.
From the beginning of his career as a researcher he focused on the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčRehabilitation, bionic systems and neural prostheses, Artificial and expert Systems. He developed a Expert system to prevent the blindness caused by Diabetic retinopathy.
+15 years of experience in the management of multinational companies of high technology and health. He has held positions as CEO, COO, R & D Corporate Director, in companies such as Siemens Medical AG, Draeger, etc. He is currently CEO of HAT, Member of the WHO-GATE chapter , IEEE. Interest: E-Health, Assistive Technologies, Bionics. Associated professor.