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Mark Towery

mark towery

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 27, Mark Towery was in a wheelchair full-time only six months later.  Despite this, Mark refused to give up his full and active life: he continued to work, became involved with the disabled community and in 2006, was able to purchase a modified vehicle with our assistance.  Earlier this year Mark reached out to Mobility Unlimited again, this time requesting a hand cycle.  He hoped to pursue a training program which he believed would improve his strength and in turn, enable him to continue working.  We approved his Quickie hand cycle in May of 2011, and Mark has since incorporated cycling into his strength training regimen both indoors and out.  He tells us that he has noticed a significant difference in his stamina, endurance and energy, which have proven invaluable components to his workday.  Not only has this equipment aided him in his professional life, it has also opened new doors in his personal life: “I have networked with other hand cyclists in the Rogue Valley and met others with disabilities who also want to live life to its fullest… I am continually speaking to others about the positive impact Mobility Unlimited has had upon my life.”