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Caleb Vaughan


Dear Mobility Unlimited,

My life has changed quite a bit since receiving funding from Mobility Unlimited; thanks to them, I was able to acquire a new electric wheelchair that is invaluable in my daily life, both at home and at the workplace. Without my electric chair, my job duties would be much harder to perform to standard; with my electric chair, I am able to perform my job well and exceed the standards expected of me. I have become more independent having my new electric chair by no longer needing to rely on help from others to perform certain job duties, and by being able to help with certain tasks at home as well. Thanks to my new electric chair, I feel that my quality of life is much improved. My old electric chair was in a state of disrepair and did not function properly; as a result, it was very difficult to operate and often caused "driving" issues (scrapes and scuffs on the walls and entryways at work as well has at home). My new chair is much more maneuverable and enables me to move around with ease.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mobility Unlimited for their assistance in funding my new electric chair. Without their help, I would never have been able to afford a new chair on my own. The confidence and abilities that the new chair provides are invaluable to my quality of life. I appreciate the assistance received from Mobility Unlimited more than I can say in words alone. Mobility Unlimited has provided a phenomenal experience in obtaining the funding needed to acquire a new electric wheelchair. The staff has been unfailingly friendly, courteous, and compassionate of my needs. Best of all, they have listened to what I have to say and alleviated any concerns I may have had in regards to acquiring funding for my new chair, and have continually reassured me that it is their pleasure to help me in any way they can, now and in the future. This type of experience has left me feeling confident that there are still organizations and people who do care about what matters to those who are ability challenged.

To the donors that fund this organization, I cannot thank you enough for your contributions. The funding you provide is real, and does have real value in assisting those who are in need of your help. I am proof that this organization, Mobility Unlimited, is a much needed and much appreciated resource and thanks to you and to them, I am a much happier, more confident person in my new chair.

With sincere thanks,

Caleb J. Vaughan